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Retail Pharmacist Cover Letter

Retail Pharmacists sell prescription and non-prescription drugs to the public and also offer healthcare advice. These professionals work in retail settings and focus on providing efficient service to customers. Examples of Retail Pharmacist duties are answering to customer inquiries, recruiting and training staff, processing prescriptions, dispensing medication, ordering products, liaising with medical representatives, advising customers on the safe use of medicines and side effects, and keeping registers of specialized drugs.

Based on our selection of cover letter samples for Retail Pharmacist, the most sought-after skills for this job are:

  • Pharmacology expertise
  • Customer service orientation
  • Selling skills
  • Organization and planning
  • Verbal and written communication abilities
  • Commercial awareness
  • Integrity and maturity
  • Good numeracy skills
  • Computer competences

Similar skills and qualifications can be observed in the example cover letter displayed just beneath.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Retail Pharmacist Resume Samples.

Dear Mr. Morales:

Upon learning of your opening for a Retail Pharmacist, I felt compelled to submit my resume for your consideration. As a highly skilled and accomplished pharmacist with comprehensive experience managing daily operations, collaborating with pharmacy teams, and ensuring optimal levels of patient service and support, I am prepared to significantly contribute to McConnell Pharmacy’s goals in this position.

My background includes more than nine years of experience and success in fast-paced, customer-oriented retail pharmacy environments. From communicating effectively with cross-functional staff and responding to customer inquiries to driving quality assurance and counseling patients on medication usage and side effects, I excel at prioritizing tasks, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, and enforcing effective communication and organizational procedures to optimize pharmacy efficiency.

My enclosed resume highlights my experience and accomplishments to date, some of which include:

  • Performing day-to-day retail pharmacy functions—including patient advisement, order processing, stock maintenance, records management, and regulatory compliance—while dispensing an average of 275 prescriptions each day and supervising 5 technicians for Walgreen’s Pharmacy in Jacksonville.
  • Counseling patients and answering their questions regarding prescription and OTC medications.
  • Identifying areas for improvement to ensure maximum productivity and improved pharmacy performance.
  • Possessing a steadfast commitment to providing unparalleled honesty, integrity, accuracy, and professionalism.
  • Demonstrating a rock-solid work ethic and a dedication to exceptional customer service.

My skills in retail pharmacy operations have been finely honed, and I am confident my strengths and achievements will render me an immediate asset to your team at McConnell Pharmacy. The opportunity to offer more insight into my qualifications would be appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Terri J. Davidson

Compiling your training, skills, and experience into a one-page cover letter isn’t always easy. Luckily, with our professionally-crafted Pharmacist Cover Letter Sample and expert tips for writing your own, you’ll be in the white coat you’ve been dreaming of in no time.

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Table of Contents

  1. Pharmacist Cover Letter Sample
  2. Pharmacist Cover Letter (Text Format)
  3. Four Expert Writing Tips

1. Pharmacist Cover Letter Sample

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2. Pharmacist Cover Letter (Text Format)

January 1, 2018

Hiring Manager’s Name

123 Company Address

City, State, Zip Code


[email protected]

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I’m excited to be applying for the pharmacist position at [Pharmacy]. Using my BPS Pharmacotherapy certification and 6+ years of experience, I look forward to providing exceptional pharmaceutical care and education to the customers of [Pharmacy]. Between my expertise in advanced management and operating systems, and my impeccable customer service record, I have the skills and training necessary to be an esteemed member of your team.

As mentioned, my most valuable contributions are in ensuring optimal operations and impeccable customer service. However, there are other areas in which I have achieved feats that I am particularly proud of, such as:

  • Instituting seasonal displays, leading to a 15% increase in subject OTC drug revenue
  • Introducing new computerized drug-distribution, prescription tracking, and data-management systems which minimized time waste by 10+ hours per week
  • Reviewing and updating procedures for packaging, labelling, and transporting pharmaceuticals, reducing errors from 1% to 0.4%

It has come to my attention that [Pharmacy] is one of the leading pharmacies working with immunization advocacy in the [Area]. One of my proudest accomplishments thus far has been implementing a vaccine awareness campaign that increased immunization-based revenue by $40,000 annually and enhanced community health education. This is a cause that matters greatly to me, and I would love to work with a company who shares that value.

I’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk more in person. Email me at [email protected] or call me at (xxx)-xxx-xxxx to set up an interview at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you!


Your Name

3. Four Expert Writing Tips

1. Make it Personal

Instead of starting your cover letter off with “To Whom It May Concern,” show that you care enough to do some preliminary researchabout the company, and use the name of the hiring manager or HR professional that is most likely to read your application.

There are a few routes you can take in finding that person’s name:

  • Check the job listing – Scan what’s posted on the job board or website where you found the opening. Is contact information offered? That’s the person to whom you want to address your CL.
  • Go to the company website – The pharmacy or medical center to which you’re applying will likely have an “About Us” section. Click around to see if you an find an employee directory. Try to find the name of the hiring manager or the department manager. If that fails, look for the HR director. If your search doesn’t yield names for any of those individuals, address it to the company’s CEO or Vice President.
  • Ask around – It never hurts to go straight to the source. Visit or call your target pharmacy and find out who your employment inquiries should be directed to.

If all else fails, and you can’t find a name, use the position title in the address line:

  • Dear Hiring Manager,
  • Dear Department Manager,
  • Dear Director of Human Resources,

By personalizing your address line to a person’s name or title, you’ll make your cover letter more engaging and have a greater chance at catching that person’s attention.

2. Highlight Additional Skills and Qualifications

Don’t make yourself look like a one-tricky pony. Show the hiring manager that you bring something unique to the table

To land your ideal pharmacist position, it’s not enough to mention your training and experience in drug distribution and prescription management.

With the pharmaceutical field offering such a range of specializations – from ambulatory care to nutrition support pharmacy – it’s important to highlight any special certifications or training you have, like in the example below:

Furthermore, a pharmacist’s job entails a lot more than just filling prescriptions. For instance, a retail pharmacist will want to make mention of their exceptional customer service skills:

On the other hand, a clinical pharmacist might want to include a couple lines about their affinity for communication, as they have to coordinate with various medical professionals to ensure patient pharmaceutical needs are met.

Whatever your position is, don’t make yourself look like a one-tricky pony. Show the hiring manager that you bring something unique to the table.

3. Bullet Point Achievements

You probably noticed that the downloadable cover letter above has three bullet points in the middle of the page:

We recommend this format for both readability and efficiency.

Breaking blocks of text will help your CL’s reader stay engaged with the material and focus their attention on the most important paragraphs.

The bullet point method also helps you convey the most key information possible in a small amount of space.

A cover letter should never exceed one page in length!

By summarizing key achievements this way, the candidate is able to flaunt the critical details of their most prominent accomplishments without taking up space with excessive prose.

4. Throw in a Number or Two

Not only does the candidate from the example cover letter showcase their range of talents, but they strengthen the impact of those points by quantifying them.

Use numbers to demonstrate the effect that your actions have produced.

Notice how this candidate employs quantification in the bullet point section of their CL:

Use numbers to demonstrate the effect that your actions have produced.

If you’re a retail pharmacist, in particular, you will want to boast some statistics that emphasize your retail services. If you’ve taken steps to increase revenue, decrease mishaps, or garner a positive customer rating, figure out the impact of your actions and include those numbers in your cover letter:

If you can’t come up with exact numbers, no problem! Feel free to use a range based on the numbers your research uncovers:

  • Maintained a customer satisfaction rating between 90% and 100% based on over 100 online survey results

Even just highlighting one achievement with numerical evidence will give you a leg up over the competition.

For a comprehensive how-to on writing your CL, check out our step-by-step guide!

Combine these tips with our downloadable example above to perfect your pharmacy cover letter on your own.

Then again, you could craft the perfect CL in minutes with our custom cover letter builder!

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