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New Delhi: Irfan Pathan has silenced critics with the perfect answer after being trolled for posting a photo with his wife wherein his wife Safa Baig is seen showing her face and arms. Fans found the image ‘unislamic’ and mocked Irfan for being a Pathan and still failing to ask his wife cover her face and arms and also for allowing her to wear nail polish.

Irfan took to Twitter to once again post the photo and this time he wrote: “Kuch to log kahenge logo ka kaam hai kehna but always #love #travel.”

In fact, he once again took to Twitter on Thursday to reiterate: “I repeat :) If there is more love than hate I think we are doing alright. #spreadlove.”

Earlier, Irfan had posted a photo with his wife on his official Facebook account on Sunday and it read: “This girl is trouble 🙈 #love #wifey.”

Comments ranged from how Irfan should have asked Safa to cover her face as it is his duty to do the same as a Muslim and as a Pathan. Another fan said that while it was good that she was hiding her face, it was also important that Irfan asks her to hide her arms.

Another fan went to the extent of saying that Muslims should not post pictures of girls in their families as they are special.

Irfan married Baig, a model from Jeddah in February and the two were blessed with a baby boy in December. While injuries have hampered his return to international cricket, Irfan did ply his trade in the Indian Premier League for Gujarat Lions.

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First Published: July 20, 2017, 11:39 AM IST

Indian all-rounder Irfan Pathan, on Tuesday, was criticised by many on Instagram as well as on his Facebook page, after he posted a photograph with his wife who can be seen wearing nail polish.

Even though Irfan’s wife Safa Baig — to whom he got married to in February 2016 — can be seen wearing a burqa in the photograph, her exposed hands and nail polish has enraged many fans who have posted ridiculous comments.

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“WTF. Tell her cover her arms. Being a muslim and being a Pathan its your duty to do so,” (sic) wrote a person by the name ‘Jagga Jasos’.

“Hiding face is not Farz…But hiding arms is farz Irfan bhai... She’is hiding her face its good, may Allah bless her… But tell her to hide her arms too...” wrote a certain Kaashif Raza Khan.

A person named Abdullah Qureshy wrote, “Mashaa allah, esi baat nahi h ki islaam aap par laagu hota h, but aapaki chhavi ek sachche musalman ki h so pleaase bhabhi ko parde me rakho.” (Your image is that of a true Muslim, so please keep your wife in veil).

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Another person named MD Mojibur Rahman Majid wrote, “Bhai nice picture. But please don’t update Wife or any of our Muslim girls pictures . I really highly respect your family coz you got so nice family, your family example for others, I got one humble request to you please don’t update muslimas pictures, our girls are very special . They simply not come out, I love you bhai.” (sic)

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Not long ago, India pacer Mohammed Shami was subjected to similar treatment by cricket fans on social media, after a few fanatics attacked him on the internet platforms where he had posted a photo with his wife.

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Shami, who was nursing a knee injury in between the India-England Test series late last year, had posted a photograph with his wife. Shami too was attacked by fanatics on social media platforms, and he also received support from several cricketers such as Mohammad Kaif.

While many criticised Irfan and his wife — a Jeddah-born model who was working in Dubai before their marriage — there were several who came out in support of the couple who looked adorable in the photograph.

“I think it’s none of your damn business what they do, what they wear and how they act. Keep your religion mindset somewhere else. Be it he’s Muslim or not, it’s between him and his god, there’s no you in between them, I’m sure you all know that. “I suggest you become a great Muslim”? What makes you think you’re a great Muslim? Because you mind someone else business? are your own teachings enough to judge other? Don’t think so. I don’t think you have the right to tell him what to tell his wife. His wife looks awesome and they look awesome together, they look like they were going somewhere nice together. Be happy, live happily. Maybe you guys can learn a thing or two if you stop looking at your wife as if she’s a thing you order around,” wrote Leizs Hol.

“Does the women hav any rights what she has to do???islam k thekedar aagaye ...people r no one to advise what she or irfan does with ther life,” (sic) wrote Tushar Narkhede.

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