Unit 2 Homework Tonight 6pm

HOMEWORK For Third Grade
Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday and should take no more than 45-60 minutes. If your child goes over one hour please have them stop and write me a note in their planner.
Thank you,
Mrs. Adams

Math: review handout
L.A.: RNB finish all pages 89-102, re-read "Sarah Plain and Tall" and "Wagons of the Old West." "Stuart Little" packet due tomorrow.

Math: Lesson 9.4
L.A.: RNB finish pgs 95, 96, 99, review packet,
         Work on Stuart Little packet-due Friday
​Spanish test tomorrow

Math: Lesson 9.3
L.A.: Put spelling words in alphabetical order
         Finish Persuasive Essay if not completed in class.
​         Stuart Little packet due Friday.

Math: Lesson 9.2
​Social Studies: Review for Unit 2 test tomorrow pgs. 17-52.

Math: Lesson 9.1
L.A.: Study for test tomorrow, finish RNB not completed in class
Science: Quiz tomorrow pgs 134-137
Parent Homework: Sign yellow report card envelope and return tomorrow
                               Review Circle of Grace and Spring Pictures paperwork 

L.A.: Write a sentence for the following words: constant, gliding, overheated, wilderness
Religion: Ch 10 quiz tomorrow
RNB: finish pages 67-70

Math: handout, Ch 8 test tomorrow
L.A.: Write a sentence for the following vocab words: shelter, region, colony, unexpected
Religion: Ch 10 quiz Thursday
​Spanish: quiz on body parts, Thursday, March 7.

Math: Chapter review Handout, both sides
L.A.: Write misspelled words four times. RNB: pgs 55, 66
Science: Finish these questions If you did not finish in class:
1. How do coniferous tree branches help the tree to survive?
2. How are the leaves of the coniferous tree different from the leaves of the deciduous tree?
3. Why is the woodpecker's bill considered an adaptation?

A new session of VanGo Art starts tomorrow. Please check the Weekly Update for this fun after school program. 

Math: Lesson 8.9
L.A.: Handout
Spirit Wear and Treat Day Tomorrow.

Math: Lesson 8.8
L.A. Handout both sides
​Treat Day Friday

Math: Lesson 8.7
Spelling: Write misspelled words three times
Science: Quiz tomorrow pages 128-133
STAR Testing tomorrow - Reading & Math 

Math: Lesson 8.6
L.A.: Complete RNB pgs. 43-56, study spelling and vocabulary words, read both stories.

​Math: fractions handout
L.A. : Irregular Verbs and Adjectives handout

Math: Lesson 8.5
Social Studies Test tomorrow pages 29-46
L.A.: handouts
School Starts At 8:40am Tomorrow

Math: Lesson 8.4
L.A.: Write misspelled words four times
Social Studies: Study L2 pages 29-46 Test on Wednesday

Math: Lesson 8.3
L.A.: Study for test tomorrow, RNB complete all pages 29-42
​FREE DRESS tomorrow IF you attended Catholic Schools Week Mass in your uniform

Math: Lesson 8.2
RNB: finish pages 34, 37, 39, 40
Spanish: names of cities with Spanish names due tomorrow
​Religion: Ch 9 test tomorrow

Ramona Packet due tomorrow-No Exceptions
Math: Lesson 8.1
L.A.: finish graphic organizer pg. 116
Spanish: find 5 cities/towns with Spanish names
​Science: Correct your quiz, write on the back of the quiz with page number.

Math: review handout
Science: study for quiz pages 124-127
Ramona packet due Wednesday

L.A. RNB: complete all pages 15-28, Review spelling and vocabulary words. Story test tomorrow.
​Math: Do one page of the math packet

L.A.: Write a complete sentence for the following words, skeletons, uncovering, buried, fierce, location
Math: Do one page of the math packet
RNB: pgs 19-22

L.A.: Write a complete sentence for the following vocabulary words: fossils, clues, remains, prove, evidence
RNB: complete any pages not finished in class : 15-18 

L.A.: Inferences handout, write misspelled words four times
Math: practice multiplication and division flashcards

L.A. Read both stories. Study Spelling and Vobulary words. Complete RNB pgs. 1-14.
​Friday is Spirit Wear Day and Noon dismissal.

Math: handout, review ch 6, test tomorrow
L.A.: RNB pgs 7&8
​Treat Day Tomorrow

Math: ch 6 review handout
L.A.: handout
Religion: review for Ch 8 test tomorrow

Math: Lesson 6.9
Science: Study for quiz tomorrow pages 119-123
L.A.: Write misspelled words 4 times
Coming up this week:
Wed. Religion test Ch 8
Thurs. Math test Ch 6
Fri. L.A. Lesson 16

Math: Lesson 6.8
Practice division facts
​Read for 15 minutes

Math: Lesson 6.7, do one round of division flashcards
​Read a chapter book for 15 minutes.

Math: Lesson 6.5
L.A.: Complete RNB pages 223-227
​Religion: Study chapter 7 review for test tomorrow

Math: Lesson 6.4
L.A.: Write a sentence for vocabulary words: anxiously, cross, remarked, tense
​Science: finish Global Warming questions

Math: Lesson 6.3
L.A.: Write a sentence for :festive, ingredients, degrees, recommended
​         Write misspelled words four times
Science: finish "Climate" worksheet started in class

​Happy New Year!
Math: Lesson 6.2

Math: handout
L.A. finish Creative Writing essay started in class
Christmas Prayer Service: is tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm. Students may wear nice free dress and need to be in the third grade classroom by 6pm. After the program, students will be picked up at the classroom. No students will be released in the church.

L.A.: Finish RNB if not already completed, pgs 201-214. Study spelling and vocab words for test tomorrow. 
Community Service Project: Complete your Christmas Cards for St. Vincent dePaul. Cards should have a picture and Christmas greeting, no names. 

Math: handout, review for ch 5 test tomorrow
Religion: Go over Act of Contrition, confessions tomorrow
L.A.: RNB finish pages not completed in class pgs. 209-211

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Math: Lesson .5
L.A. : Write a sentence for quiver, patrol, ability, snap

Math Lesson 5.4, Ch 5 test Thursday
L.A.: Write a sentence for lying, loyal, partners, shift

Math: Lesson 5.3
L.A.: Complete RNB pg. 187-200 review for test tomorrow
​Science: Review notes for quiz on clouds tomorrow

L.A. Complete pages not finished in class 187-192, 195, 197-199.
​Science: study "Clouds" review sheet for quiz on Friday

Math: Lesson 5.2
L.A.: Write a sentence for the following vocab words: rugged, mist, pausing, pleaded

Math: Lesson 5.1
L.A.: Write misspelled words 3 times, Write a sentence for the vocab words examined, peak, fondly, steep
​Science: Test on Clouds, Friday. Start reviewing class materials

L.A. Quotations handout, Read both stories, finish all pages in RNB, study spelling words
Religion: Review Ch 6, test tomorrow
​Bring money to shop at Christmas Boutique

Math: Handout Study for Ch 4 test tomorrow
L.A.: Handout
​RNB: pgs 179-180, 177

Math: Handout
L.A.: Write a sentence for each word: plucked, scowled, plucked, hollered
​RNB: finish pages 181-183

Math: Lesson 4.10. Ch 4 math test on Thursday
L.A.: Write a sentences for the vocab words: risky, grunted, profit, crops
Spelling: write each misspelled word three times
Report Card: Return signed envelope only.
​RNB pgs 173-176

A thanksgiving packet went home today. It is not mandatory, but a little practice each day won't hurt. Maybe this can replace not watching TV or playing video games for a half hour .
​Happy Thanksgiving!

Math: Lesson 4.9
L.A.: Read both stories and complete RNB to page 172
Charlotte's Web packet due tomorrow

Math: Lesson 4.8
L.A.: Read "Technology Wins the Game." RNB pgs 167-169. 
​Science: Vocab test tomorrow

Math: Lesson 4.7
L.A. Write a sentence for spelling words 10-18, RNB: pgs. 163-166
​Science: Vocab test Thursday

Math: Lesson 4.6
L.A.: write misspelled words three times and write a sentence for each spelling word numbers 1-9
​Science: Vocab test on Thursday for words: chemist, chemistry, density, diffuse, dissolve, emulsify, emulsifier, emulsion, ingredient, mixture, reaction, solution
Charlottes Web packet due Friday.

Math: handout
Religion: Ch 5 test tomorrow
L.A. Lesson 10 test tomorrow. RNB complete all pages 127-140

Math: Lesson 4.5
Social Studies: Work on California Indian Report, Due Monday 11/13.

Math Lesson 4.4
L.A.: write misspelled words three times
RNB: pgs 127-129
Due: Thursday: Pumpkin packets, L.A. Lesson 10 test
         Monday 11/13, California Indian Tribe report

Math: Lesson 4.3
L.A. Read both stories, study abstract nouns, vowel sounds ou, ow, spelling words and vocab words, finish all RNB pgs 113-126 test tomorrow

Math: lesson 4.2
RNB: complete pages 117-120

Social Studies test tomorrow Unit 2 Lesson 1. Students need to understand how California tribes got their food, storytelling, ceremonies, folklore, and traditions.
Happy Halloween!

Math: Lesson 4.1
L.A.: Write mis-spelled words 3 times
Social Studies: Unit 2 Lesson 1 test Wednesday, review your notes
RNB: pgs. 113-116, 121

Math: practice multiplication flashcards
RNB: finish pages 105, 106
L.A.: read both stories and review for test tomorrow

Math: handout, ch 4 test tomorrow
L.A. : complete RNB pages 99, 108, 102, 104, 100, 101, 107, 109, 103, 110, we have been working on these all week.

Science: Ch 1 test tomorrow go over review questions and outline
Math: handout
​L.A.: finish paragraph in Writing Handbook and rewrite final copy on binder paper.

Religion: Study for Ch. 4 test
Math: Lesson 3.7
Tues: Religion Ch 4
Wed: Science Ch 1
Thurs: Math Ch 3
Fri: L.A. Lesson 8

Math: Lesson 3.6
Science Quiz pgs. 24-27
RNB: pg. 98
Handwriting: finish practicing words: borrow, advice, serious, patch, v, u, ous
​L.A.: Read both stories 

Math: Lesson 3.5
Study for science quiz pgs. 24-27
RNB pgs. 89, 90, 95-97

​Math: Lesson 3.4
Religion: Write a paragraph about something you learned at the Cathedral.
Science Quiz Friday covering pages 24-27
​RNB: pgs. 86, 87, 93

Read both notes to your parents
Math: handout
Spelling: write any misspelled words three times
​RNB: pgs. 85,94,88

Math:Lesson 3.2
Social Studies: Complete pg 22, write a summary of Lesson 1, pages 18-21.

10/10/17 Parent-Teacher-Student Goal Setting Conferences
Math: Lesson 3.1
​Take advantage of the beautiful weather and go outside and play!

Math: handout, study  ch 2 "Review" in big book
RNB: finish pgs 82, 83, 84 due tomorrow
​L.A. Read "Bat Loves the Night" Test tomorrow

Technology Agreement: these are past due. If yours is past due, your student will bring a new one home tonight. Due tomorrow.
Math: handout, Ch 2 test Friday
RNB: pgs 74, 77, 78, 81

Math: Lesson 2.7
Vocab: Write a sentence for the words details, slithers, dozes, snuggles
Science Lesson 3 quiz tomorrow pgs 18-23

Math: Lesson 2.6. Ch 2 test Friday
Vocab: Write a sentence for the words twitch, swoops, squeak, echoes
L.A. Read "Bat Loves the Night" out loud to a family member
RNB: pgs. 71-73, 75
Science Lesson 3 quiz Wednesday

Math: Lesson 2.5
​L.A.: Read the story "Roberto Clemente" to a family member. Finish all pages of RNB pgs 57-70. Spelling and story test tomorrow.

Math: Lesson 2.4
Vocab: Write a sentence for words: slammed, style, polish, pronounced. Put the sentences in "Cause and Effect" form.
RNB: pgs 65-68 

Math: review handout both sides
Vocab: Write a cause and effect sentence for the following words: stands, fans, score, league
Religion: Ch 3 test tomorrow
RNB: finish pgs 59-62 Please do not go ahead.

Math: Lesson 2.3
L.A.: common & proper nouns handout
RNB: pgs. 57,58
Social Studies unit test tomorrow pgs 3-14
Religion: Ch 3 test Wednesday
​Friday: Spirit Wear and treat day

Math: Lesson 2.2
L.A. : Spelling and Story (Pop's Bridge) test tomorrow. RNB pgs: 43-55 due tomorrow.

Math: Lesson 2.1
Vocab: Write a sentence for each word, foggy, disappears, stretch, excitement, our, are,               hour
​RNB: pgs. 56, 46, 47

Science Quiz tomorrow: pgs 14-17
Vocab: write a sentence for words crew, cling, tide, balancing, their, there, they're
RNB: pgs 48, 51, 53, 54

Math: handout, study for Ch 1 test tomorrow.
Science: Lesson 2 quiz Wednesday
L.A.: RNB pgs 43, 44, 45 complete

Math: handout
L.A: Read Destiny's Gift, complete RNB not finished in class
Science quiz tomorrow pgs 9-13

Math: handout, both sides
Religion: Study Ch 2, test tomorrow
RNB: finish pages 32, 33, 34, 37, 41 if not finished in class

Math: Lesson 1.12
Vocab: Write a sentence for each word, earn, figure, block, spreading
RNB: pgs: 31, 39
Religion Ch 2 test - Thursday
Science quiz pgs 8-13 - Friday

Math: Lesson 1.11
Vocab: Write a sentence for each word 1-4
afford, customers, contact, raise
Spelling: write each misspelled word from the pretest three times.
​RNB: finish pages 29,38,30,40 (work was started in class)

Math: Lesson 1.10
​Read for 15 minutes

Math: Lesson 1.9
Read a chapter book for 15  minutes
​Tonight is Back To School Night. Please meet at the gym at 6:30pm. This is a parent only event.


Math: Lesson 1.8
L.A.: Finish final draft of "The Most Important Thing" if not completed in class
Spelling: Look up and Write misspelled words three times
X-tra Math: Parent letters went home today with new codes. Please help your child practice math skills 10-15 minutes each day. This is a free program.  
Back to School Night tomorrow evening 6:30 pm. in the gym.

Math: Mid Chapter Review handout
L.A. Study for spelling and story test tomorrow.
RNB: complete pages 15-28, due tomorrow, stapled

Math: Lesson 1.7
Vocab: Write a sentence for words 5-8
​RNB: finish pages 19, 21,22,25

Math: Lesson 1.6
Vocab: Write a sentence for words 1-4
Religion: Ch 1 test tomorrow
RNB: pgs. 20,24,26,27
​Social Studies Project Tomorrow. Bring salt dough and cardboard

Math: Lesson 1.5
Social Studies: review pages 3-8. Quiz tomorrow
RNB: finish pages 15,16,17,23.
Wednesday: Social Studies project 1pm. Bring in salt dough and 8x10" cardboard

Math: Lesson 1.4
RNB: finish all pages 1-14. Review for test tomorrow. Read "A Fine, Fine School" out loud to a parent. 

Math: Lesson 1.3
Vocab: sentences 6-8
RNB: pgs. 2,3,7,8,11,12
Coming Up: Language Arts Test Friday. Spelling, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension.

Math: Lesson 1.2 both sides
Vocabulary: Write a sentence for vocab words 1-5. Students wrote words in their planners.
Reader's Notebook (RNB): finish pages 1,6,10.


​Math: Lesson 1.1 both sides
Spelling: Write misspelled words three times
​Cover the Journeys reading book

Polynomials Test Monday March 20 (tentative)

Friday March 9

Only 902 had Math today. We did a Mental Math session and then students had work time for their group polynomial word problems.

Thursday March 8

Wednesday March 7

Division slip
Division practice
Order of operations with polynomials
Exit slip

What’s for homework

Division of Polynomials sheet (all)

What’s for homework

Science Lab report for Conductors and Insulators Lab

Tuesday March 6

Multiplying Polynomials Practice
Lesson on Dividing Polynomials

Exit Slip for Dividing Polynomials (903 only)

What’s for homework

Practice for Multiplying Polynomials

Khan Academy Assignments (for multiplying and dividing polynomials)

If you were on the snowshoeing field trip you are responsible for catching up on what you missed. You should:
- complete the front and back of the multiplying polynomials practice sheet
- look through the slides posted above about dividing.
- go onto Khan Academy and complete the multiplication practice and watch the videos about dividing polynomials.

Since many students were away on the snowshoeing field trip, we completed the following work instead of doing the lab that was scheduled. The lab will take place on Wednesday and Thursday. It is important that you attend both days in order to understand this very important topic for Electricity.

Read Page 289

Complete Electricity Check and Reflect Questions

What’s for homework

Monday March 5

Reviewed Polynomial Multiplication

Front side of Polynomial Multiplication practice sheet

What’s for homework

Front side of Polynomial Multiplication practice sheet

What’s for homework

Science Lab report for Conductors and Insulators Lab

Friday March 2

9-2 only:

Completed a mental math assignment

Worked on notes about multiplication of polynomials

Completed exit slip about multiplication of polynomials

Thursday March 1

What’s for homework


If you still need to add Mrs. Fletcher as a coach here are the instructions:

902 class code: HFXPDPYE

903 class code: WFSJJJWE

Khan Academy Instructions

Handed back marked work

Broke apart lab reports as a class and went over expectations for future lab reports

What’s for homework


Wednesday February 28

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials group problems on chart paper

What’s for homework

No homework.

If you still need to add Mrs. Fletcher as a coach here are the instructions:

902 class code: HFXPDPYE

903 class code: WFSJJJWE

Khan Academy Instructions

What's the Resistance Lab

What’s for homework

Finish lab questions

Tuesday February 27

Subtracting Polynomials Practice (6.5)

Reviewed work as a class

What’s for homework

There are some polynomials assignments (adding and subtracting) that are due by 10pm on TODAY!

If you still need to add Mrs. Fletcher as a coach here are the instructions:

902 class code: HFXPDPYE

903 class code: WFSJJJWE

Khan Academy Instructions

Resistors and Ohm's Law Presentation with notes

Practice problems:

What’s for homework

Practice Problems (see above)

Remember that for each problem you should have the following in your journal:

-the question written out
-the variable that you are looking for (ex. R=?)
-the variables that you know (ex. I=0.4A   V=3.0V)
-the formula that you are going to use (ex. R=V/I)
-the work (ex. 3.0V/0.4A)= 7.5 ohms

and circle your answer!!!

If you are trying to work with Algebra tiles at home, you may find these virtual tiles useful:


Monday February 26

Subtracting polynomials lesson with examples done as a class

Subtracting polynomials exit slip

What’s for homework

There are some polynomials assignments (adding and subtracting) that are due by 10pm on Tuesday. If I were a grade 9 student, I would work on these tonight :)

If you still need to add Mrs. Fletcher as a coach here are the instructions:

902 class code: HFXPDPYE

903 class code: WFSJJJWE

Khan Academy Instructions

Conductors and Insulators Lab

What’s for homework


Friday February 23
only 902 had Math due to the Flex Friday schedule. 902 students completed a mental math activity and worked on adding polynomials

Thursday February 22

- 6.4 practice: Adding polynomials

What’s for homework

- 6.4 practice: Adding polynomials

If you still need to add Mrs. Fletcher as a coach here are the instructions:

902 class code: HFXPDPYE

903 class code: WFSJJJWE

Khan Academy Instructions

What’s for homework

Current and Voltage Lab

Wednesday February 21

- Practice time for 6.3
- Learned about adding polynomials
- 6.4 practice (not for homework!)
- exit slip

What’s for homework

If you have not yet signed up for Khan Academy and added Mrs. Fletcher as a coach, you have now missed the first assignment.

If you still need to add Mrs. Fletcher as a coach here are the instructions:

902 class code: HFXPDPYE

903 class code: WFSJJJWE

Khan Academy Instructions

Current and Voltage Lab
Part 2 of 2 

What’s for homework

Tomorrow we will have a chance to finish the lab and to work on the Analysis and Conclude and Apply questions. If you would like to get a jump start you can work on the questions for the part that you have completed.

Tuesday February 20

-Entry slip
-Went over answer to entry slip
-6.3 Intro (Gathering Like Terms)

What’s for homework

Khan Academy assignments- due by 10pm tonight!

Mrs Fletcher will be back on Khan Academy to assign these assignments to people that signed up late between 5pm and 6pm.

For instructions on how to sign up:

902 class code: HFXPDPYE

903 class code: WFSJJJWE

Khan Academy Instructions

If you did not finish the front of the page 6.3 this is also for homework.

DO NOT DO THE BACK OF THE PAGE!!! This is what we will do to start next class.

Current and Voltage Lab
Part 1 of 2

What’s for homework

If you finished the first part, you should also do the analysis and conclusion questions for that part. This will save you time for homework tomorrow.

Science Words of the Week 
Series Circuit
Parallel Circuit

There was no school Thursday and Friday due to Teachers' Convention. There was also no school on Monday because of the Family Day long weekend.

If you need the answers for the Topic 2 review questions click here

Wednesday February 14
Happy Valentine's Day!

MATH: no math today due to assembly and dance

Went over electrical circuits lab
Went over questions from page 278

What’s for homework

Sign up for Khan Academy if you haven't already

Join your class on Khan Academy!

902 class code: HFXPDPYE

903 class code: WFSJJJWE

Khan Academy Instructions

Tuesday February 13

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