The Landlady Short Story Review Assignment

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This PowerPoint uses the short story "The Landlady" by Roald Dahl to teach:

*Situational Irony
*Dramatic Irony
*Suspense, mystery, tension
*Theme analysis writing
*Plot elements analysis

Students will begin by identifying and analyzing foreshadowing and irony with cited examples through whole group and small group work.

Students then analyze plot elements with their groups and compare to the teacher's notes.

Students finish with a writing assignment that includes a whole group brainstorm and independent writing assignment for a theme analysis paragraph.

Content includes:
- whole group and small group discussion prompts
- small group activity to identify devices
- cited examples and explanations of devices for teaching points
- plot analysis examples with cited evidence and explanation for teaching points
- theme activity to identify supporting details that can be adapted to whole group or small group
- a sample color coded theme analysis paragraph to break down paragraph organization and citations
- a color coded theme analysis outline for students

Content of this PowerPoint can be broken down over several days to fit teacher's preference and used as mini-lessons or to fit entire class periods. This unit works well as an in-depth analysis of "The Landlady" by Roald Dahl or used for modeling and gradual release while analyzing independent short stories.

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Essay Review On The Short Story The Landlady By Roald Dahl

The text selected was the short story entitled "The Landlady" written by Roald Dahl. There are some relevant theories of criticism in this short story which are feminism theory and psychoanalytic theory.

The gender theory is the most relevant theory of criticism and the most effective in this short story. It is shown in three perspectives of the author himself, Billy Weaver which is the young boy, and from our view.

According to the author, Roald Dahl, he just presented the character of the old lady as "the landlady". She has no name given to her and it shown that at that particular period of time, a lady is just known by their common duty. As for the example, it is shown in page 30, paragraph 3, "Now, the fact that this landlady appeared to be slightly off her rocker didn't worry Billy in the least". There is no name stated to refer to this old lady. It is just the "landlady". Since women are not the important role at that time, thus, any character involving women written at this time will have no name.

Other than that, the author also portrayed the landlady as Damsel in Distress. This is because the landlady's behavior and action were brought on years of loneliness and that the landlady resorted to killing because she thought that it is the only way her companion would stay with her. The theory of gender criticism applied in this event of describing the landlady as Damsel in Distress. From the way it is written, the landlady may be live in the house alone for years. As a woman, she must be lonely and she needs someone as companion. Thus, by killing those young boys who came for renting room, she could keep them as her companion. She also might lost her son before whom the characteristics are more or same like those killed young man, Gregory Temple and Christopher Mulholland. This may lead her to kill the young men and keep them so that she could feel that her son is still there with her at all times.

Billy Weaver's view, the gender theory is portrayed based on some evidences. As for him, he viewed the landlady as someone that means no harm. It is because the landlady was seen as an old lady who was weak at strength and it was impossible for her to bring any harm for him. Billy Weaver looked the landlady exactly like the mother of one's best school friends. As for him, he trusted the landlady fully...

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