Material Requirement Planning Case Study Pdf

The efforts of the manufacturing companies to offer more advanced and quality products, fulfilment of consumer needs and faster delivery times require efficient manufacturing controls and planning to ensure that productivity is maintained, stocks are minimized and resources are optimized.

Material requirements planning (MRP) is a computerized information system for managing dependent demand inventory and scheduling stock replenishment orders. Although the use of these systems in industrially developed countries is extensive, in Greece it is still in its infancy.

The interaction of managerial tasks with MRP and the resulting effects on the adoption and its infusion was the focus of our approach. In this paper we studied the organizational context of a company before and after the implementation of MRP, the guidelines for its successful implementation, the level of MRP usage in the company, the problems encountered, and the resulting benefits. Some of the findings indicate that the MRP system reduces inventories, improves deliveries, and achieves better planning and control.

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