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You can think of an assignment template as a saved assignment that can be used for re-creating an assignment with the same questions at a later time. They are the alternative to just using the Quick Assign method because you can assign templates and control the questions in a template and their order.

You should use the Quick Assign method when you want to quickly create an assignment from one of our guide levels.

You should use Assignment Templates when you want to create custom question lists and control the order of questions OR when you want to be able to reassign an assignment later.

For example, sometimes Albert's official guide levels have a large number of questions. If you did not want to assign all of them at once, an Assignment Template allows you to break it up into smaller pieces.

Creating templates

There are two places where you can create a template:

  1. From any subject guide.
  2. Within any question list.


Within any subject guide on Albert, you will see two buttons for each guide level where you have fulll access to questions: "Assign all" and "Add all to template"

Note that if you are not upgraded for that subject through a retail upgrade or school license, you will only see these buttons for guide levels marked as free.

Clicking on the "Add all to template" button will open the template slide-out. Choose a template from the list or create a new template and click on "Add (n) questions to template". All of the questions in the guide level will be added to that template.


Note: This option can be used to both create a new template AND to add questions to an existing template.

Within any question list while signed into a teacher account, you will see at the top a toggle that says "Teacher Mode". Make sure this is toggled on (toggle is green like in the screenshot).

You will see checkboxes next to all the questions in the question list. Once you select at least one question, the green button at the bottom for "Add to template(s) will be enabled. Clicking it will trigger the same slide-out mentioned above to choose which template(s) to add the selected questions to.

Using templates

Once you have templates created, you can use them from within the "Assignments" tab of any class you own. Your templates are not class-specific and can all be accessed from any class.

There are four (4) actions you can perform on templates:

  • "Create Assignment". Creates an assignment from that template's question list and takes you to the Assignment Creation Form to choose recipients and assignment settings.

  • "Edit and Assign". Allows you to remove questions from the template and re-arrange the order of questions. You can't add more questions from here; that should be done from a subject's guide page or from any question list that is not a template. From here, you can save changes to the template and/or assign the new edited version.

  • "Rename". Give the template a new name for better organization.

  • "Delete". Deletes the template, but not any assignments created from that template.

Sharing templates

We are working on a feature to allow teachers to share and collaborate on templates for the 2017-2018 school year. Please email us at hello@albert.io if you'd like to be notified about this feature!

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