Laws 310 Week 1 Assignment 1

An evaluation of International Widgets company code of ethics clearly reveals that John has violated the confidentiality of the company by releasing the names and contacts of the company clients to the competitor. In fact, the company aspires to maintenance and observance of the highest level of integrity in all its dealings with potential, current and past clients. Such dealings involve normal terms of confidentiality and the protection of all personal information received in the course of the company providing service to clients. Not only does this confidentiality apply to the company clients alone but it also extends to suppliers and associates. Although John thinks that there he was doing nothing wrong justifying himself that even if he had not released the clients’ confidential information such as names and contacts, the company would have still lost some of its clients to the new competitor. John is wrong since the company had earlier own sent a Code of Ethics to which every employ had to read and ratify to itby signing that they understand the terms and guidelines required of them. John actions could getthe company being sued by concerned clients for releasing their information.John has acted in bad faith against International Widgets Company as he has violated the company’s code on ethics. By giving away clients contacts, john has in fact acted in a dishonest way which in violation to the company assurance to its clients and suppliers that they train their employees to be ethical. In addition John’s conduct is unethical, as it does not act to the best interest of International Widgets.John has also violated International Widgets expectation of employees that requires them to act exclusively to the best interest of the company. Not only will the company loos clients to the new entrants but it has also lost revenue to the tune of 30 percent from John actions alone. The company code advices employees to restrain from providing direct services to the direct competitor or engage in any type of business relationship that may not suit International Widgets interests.

Amanda Hackle Week 1 Assignment Why was this case so important?This case was so important because Heart of Atlanta V. United States was the first of the modern civil rights case before the Supreme Court and it was the a path breaking case in the United States. It was showing that the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was notpowerful enough to prevent Americans from being discriminated. The Heart of Atlanta v. United States was one of the examples that showed not all business obeyed the law because the motel still refused to rent room for blacks even after the Civil Right Act of 1964 was passed. Why did the U.S. Supreme Court develop the “effects on interstate commerce” test?The Commerce Clause of the United State Constitution grants Congress power to “regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with Indian tribes.” This indicated a limit power to regulate commercial trade between persons in one

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