Applied Business Coursework Gcse Past

Internal standardisation

In large centres with multiple teachers, it's essential that you carry out internal moderation before you finalise the controlled assessment marks. You should sample double-mark, selecting mark points within the same band from different teaching sets. The double marking should continue until you are satisfied that you have achieved comparability.

Internal standardisation should ensure that your centre's candidates are ranked correctly.


It's important that you annotate the controlled assessment to show the moderator how you have interpreted the mark scheme and applied it to the students' work.  You should mark and annotate the work in ink (rather than pencil).

Indications in the margins as to where specific assessment objective bands are perceived, together with summative comments at the end of each part of the controlled assessment, are ideal. Please ensure that the audience for your comments is clearly the moderator rather than the student.


You should not attempt to grade the work; you should be marking the work by applying the marking criteria in a consistent manner.

The controlled assessment and coursework grades will be awarded at the end of each examination series using the standard code of practice awarding process. Grade boundaries, which are subject to change each exam series, are published on the grade boundaries page. For summer 2017, they'll be available to download from results day (24 August 2017).

Please also remember that the mark you submit to us should be the total raw mark, not the UMS mark. The UMS marks are allocated by us as a result of the awarding process.

A score of zero should only be used if a candidate has submitted work that is found to meet none of the assessment criteria. An X should be used for any candidate who is absent.


Please note that the final certification of GCSE Applied Business will be in Summer 2018.

This specification in Applied Business is for first teaching from September 2009. We will make the first awards in 2011.

Through studying our GCSE in Applied Business, students begin to develop and apply business knowledge, understanding and skills. They start to really understand current events in local, national and global contexts.

This course encourages students to become independent learners and to use an enquiring, critical approach to distinguish facts and opinions, to build arguments and make informed judgements. Students consider how business and economic activity can be ethical and sustainable. They also begin to appreciate the perspectives of different stakeholders in relation to business and economic activity.

This specification prepares students for further study in the Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Business Studies, Advanced GCE in Business Studies and Applied GCE in Business.

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