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Reasons for Nora Helmer to Stay in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House

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In "A Doll House" Ibsen made a very controversial act, by having Nora leave her husband and her family. After first reading the play I thought that what Nora did was the right thing to do. But after thinking about I now realize that wasn't the right thing to do. Yes, Torvald was not the best husband in the world, but Nora should have considered that before she married him. To turn your back on your spouse is one thing, but to turn your back on your children is another. Nora was around in an era were women were looked down upon, not considered equal to men, so it would be hard for her to find a job. If Nora were to leave her Torvald she would have no were to go.
Nora was a doll all of her life, first to her father then to Torvald,…show more content…

Girls need a women figure to talk to about female things. Not only that but if Nora left and then later on down the road decided to enter back into the children's lives, they might have resentment towards her. Another reason why Nora shouldn't leave her children is because Torvald may one day decide to remarry. "She needs to be more to her children than an empty figurehead."(Thomas The children's new mother might try to take the place of Nora. If she were to succeed, the children might not remember Nora. But on the other hand maybe she wouldn't succeed in taking Nora's place, and that would be very hard on the children as well. Nora was around at a time when women weren't considered equal to men, so it would be hard for her to get a job, if she could find one at all. "The mere fact that Nora's well-intentioned action is considered illegal reflects woman's subordinate position in society. It can be suggested that woman have power to choose which rules to follow at home, but not in the business world, thus indicating her subordinateness."(Thomas,
If Nora were to look for a job she would probably hear a sexist remark like, "shouldn't you be at home raising the children." "Ibsen saw women's proper role as motherhood, and motherhood only."(Frank Magil, 1572) It is hard enough in the new millennium for a women to get a good job to support herself, let alone in 1879, when this story took

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