World War One Propaganda Poster Assignment

Transcript of WWI Propaganda Poster Activity

What is Propaganda?
Publicity to promote something: information put out by an organization or government to promote a policy, idea, or cause

Misleading publicity: deceptive or distorted information that is systematically spread
Propaganda Techniques
Call opponents names to arouse people’s anger and fear

Use your own failures or defeats to gain sympathy and support for your cause

Appeal to people’s values and belief systems

Appeal to people’s emotions in order to persuade them to support particular actions
Propaganda also uses the following to be effective:
Analysis of Propaganda
Audience (who is the target of the message?)

Purpose (what actions is the propaganda promoting?)

Persuasion Techniques (what words, images, or emotions does it use?)
WWI Propaganda Poster Assignment
Using your creative skills, knowledge of WWI, and understanding of propaganda, design a poster that is convincing and effective.
Must be an original creation (not a copy of an example you have seen)

Must use at least three (or more) propaganda techniques
Your Name(s)
The country you are creating propaganda for (USA, Britain, Germany, etc)
Who was your audience?
Women? Soldiers? Workers? List all those that apply.

What was the purpose of your poster?
Recruitment? Conserving Resources (i.e.- victory gardens)? buying war bonds? Etc.

What propaganda techniques did you use? How are they effective in achieving your purpose?
On the back of your poster, include the following:

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There are some amazing resources online for teaching about propaganda from WWI.

This website contains examples from various nations involved in the war.

All of the posters in this Georgetown exhibit are US posters.

And finally this website contains WWI propaganda postcards.

We have included a simple assignment that we’ve had fun with over the years in our classrooms that asks students to design their own posters using recognizable symbols.

If you are looking for other WWI resources, we have two PowerPoints,  one for US, the other World History.

Like this:



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