To Kill A Mockingbird Essay On Scouting

Courage in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is a timeless novel that has been both accepted and refused by many readers. To Kill a Mockingbird took place is a town called Maycomb. It is narrated by a young girl named Jean Louise Finch, otherwise known as Scout, who learns how to deal with many things in her life. While learning to deal with racism, injustice, and criticism, she also finds courage being showed by many of her role models. The theme courage is best depicted through Boo Radley, Scout and Atticus.

Boo Radley portrayed courage very effectively throughout the novel. In one situation Boo appeared to save Scout and Jem from Bob Ewell, who was attacking them when they were coming back from the Halloween festival. Boo showed courage…show more content…

This shows bravery because Boo knows if he gets caught he will have to go through even more severe consequences. Boo has showed many courageous acts but Scout is not far along from the path of courageousness.

In a smaller perspective, Scout had shown courage in many places in the novel. For instance, she showed courage when Atticus had asked Scout not to fight anyone. She was being asked to change how she reacted negatively to people’s comments. This showed a lot of bravery because Scout used to fight a lot, but since she promised Atticus that she wouldn’t fight anymore she stuck to her word because she didn’t want to disappoint Atticus. Another example is when she continues to learn how to read and write with Atticus even if she gets scolded by her teacher. She shows courage because she is going against what her teacher had told her. Finally, she acts like an ambassador on the first day of school. She has the guts to act like someone really important. Being a follower of her fathers’ character traits, she hasn’t learned the true meaning of courage that her father, Atticus displays.

This one man, who had been extremely courageous from the start of the novel to the end, was Atticus Finch. Firstly he defended the Tom Robinson case like no other. This takes lots of courage because Tom was a black man accused of raping a white woman. It was a white

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Essay about To Kill a Mockingbird: Character Analysis of Jem and Scout

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To Kill a Mockingbird: Character Analysis of Jem and Scout

Imagine just two young kids maturing within a matter of years. Imagine that same two kids, experiencing or understanding things that they aren’t meant to at a young age. Jem and Scout were just like that. They have experienced many things that they shouldn’t have at their age. Scout on the other hand, seems to be the one maturing the most. Throughout this whole essay, you will learn about Jem and Scout’s attributes, personality, and how alike or different they are from each other. Jem and Scout are two siblings. They love to have fun, be with their father, and try to understand many things that are going in their lives. An example is Scout. She is a very unusual…show more content…

The attributes of Aunt Alexandra such as racism is not in Scout. “"Somewhere, I had received the impression that Fine Folks were people who did the best they could with the sense they had, but Aunt Alexandra was of the opinion, obliquely expressed, that the longer a family had been squatting on one patch of land the finer it was." In this quote, Scout explains that fine folks are people just like everyone who did exactly the same thing, but only with the sense they had. The quote also explains that, Scout seems to not understand why Aunt Alexandra would look down on people like that?
Jem is the brother of Scout. He is older than Scout which makes him kind of a role model for Scout. Although, Jem doesn’t like the racism that goes on in Maycomb.Jem is upset due to the fact that Tom Robinson was been called guilty. “It was Jems turn to cry. His face was streaked with angry tears as we made it through the cheerful crowd.” The quote illustrates that Jem can’t bare that Tom is guilty, when he isn’t. This also illustrates that Jem is becoming angrier as he makes his way through the crowd filled with cheers.
Towards the end of the novel, Jem becomes more calmer. After all that has happened throughout the novel, he becomes more mature and understands many things that he didn’t understand before. Although, Scout remains a child in the end of the novel. Her perspective on life begins to develop. At heart, Scout believes in

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