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Program in java to implement theformula(Area=Height*Width)to find the area of arectangle. Where height and width are the rectanglesheight and width32.Program in java to find the result of followingexpressions (Assume a=10, b=5)i)(a<<2)+(b>>2)ii)(a)||(b>0)iii)(a+b*100)/10)iv)a&b3.Program in Java to explain the use break and continuestatements4.Program in java to find the average of marks you obtainedin your 10+2 class5.Program in Java to find A*B where A is a matrix of 3*3and B is a matrix of 3*4.Take the values in matrixes Aand B from the user.6.Program to compute the sum of the digits of a giveninteger.7.Program with class Rectangle with the data fields width,length, area and colour. The Length, width and area areof double type and colour is of string type. The methodsareet_lengh(), set_colour(), and find_area(). Create twoobjects of Rectangle and compare their colour. If areaand colour both are same then display "MatchingRectangles", otherwise display "Non matching Rectangles"8.Create a class Account with two overloaded constructors.The first constructor is used or initializing the nameof account holder, the account number, and the initialamount in the account. The second constructor is used forinitialising the name of account holder, the accountnumber, the addresses, the type of account and thebalance. This class having methodsDeposit(),Withdraw(),and get_balance().9.Program in java to create a stack class of variable sizewith push()and pop() methods. Create two objects of stackwith 10 data items in both. Compare the top elements ofboth stack and print the comparison result10.Write a program in java to show that private member of asuper class cannot be accessed from derived classes.11.Program in java to create a player class.Inherit theclasses cricket_player , football_player andHockey_Player from player class.12.Write a class worker and derive classes Daily Worker and


IGNOU MCA Syllabus

Get complete IGNOU MCA Syllabus Here!! Candidates of IGNOU MCA can find their MCA Course Detailed Semester Wise Syllabus PDF from this page. IGNOU Master of Computer Applications program has been divided into two semesters per year (January-June and July-December). Therefore, there will be two examinations every year – one in the month of June and the other in December. The students are at authorization to appear for any of the examinations conducted by the University.

IGNOU Master of Computer Applications program syllabus consists of total 31 courses. So candidates for your convenience, here we have provided detailed MCA Course Semester Wise Syllabus. So you are suggested to download it and do your preparation accordingly. To get more information about IGNOU MCA Syllabus 2018, you need to go through the whole page which is well prepared by the team of

IGNOU MCA Syllabus

First Semester:

Course CodeTitle of the Course
MCS11Problem Solving and Programming
MCS12Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
MCS13Discrete Mathematics
MCS14Systems Analysis and Design
MCS15Communication Skills
MCSL16Internet Concepts and Web Design
MCSL17C and Assembly Language Programming Lab

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Second Semester:

MCS21Data and File Structures and Programming
MCS22Operating System Concepts and Networking Management
MCS23Introduction to Database Management Systems
MCS24Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming
MCSL25Lab (based on MCS-021, 022, 023 and 024)

Third Semester:

MCS31Design and Analysis of Algorithms
MCS32Object Oriented Analysis and Design
MCS33Advanced Discrete Mathematics
MCS34Software Engineering
MCS35Accountancy and Financial Management
MCSL36Lab (based on MCS-032, 034 and 035)

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Fourth Semester:

MCS41Operating Systems
MCS42Data Communication and Computer Networks
MCS43Advanced Database Mathematics Management Systems
MCS44Mini Project
MCSL45Lab (UNIX and Oracle)

Fifth Semester:

MCS51Advanced Internet Technologies
MCS52Principles of Management and Information systems
MCS53Computer Graphics and Multimedia
MCSL54Lab (based on MCS-051 and 053)
MCSE3Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management
MCSE4Numerical and Statistical Computing
MCSE11Parallel Computing

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Sixth Semester:

How to download IGNOU MCA Syllabus 2018?

  • First of all log on the official website of the organization that is
  • On the home page go to the “School of Studies” section which is available under the “About Us” section
  • A new page will be open in front of you, now you need to hit the “School of Computer and Information Sciences” (SOCIS) link
  • On the next page, go to the “Programme” section and hit the “Master of Computer Applications” (MCA) link
  • On this page you are required to press the “Programme Guide” tab
  • When you hit the above mentioned tab then a PDF format will be open on your desktop screen
  • Now you can download complete MCA syllabus

MCA Course Semester Wise Syllabus PDF-Download Here

Final words:

To get more information about IGNOU MCA Syllabus 2018, you need to visit the Official Link. Dear candidates you are requested to stay connected with this page for latest updates. If you have any query then you can ask in comment box which is provided below.

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