Importance Of Education Opinion Essay

Why is education so important because it is a part of our life. Education is so much important for success in life. Education is important for the personal, social and economic development of the nation. Education is important to live with happiness and prosperity.
Education empowers minds that will be able to conceive good thoughts and ideas.

Education enables students to do the analysis while making life decisions.

Life gives various survival challenges for humans. But education guide human to fight the with failure and get success in life.

Education is only one thing that can remove corruption, unemployment, and environmental problems. Education is not about doing degree it is about how you can live with your own feet.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela

Education helps to become good students, parents, entrepreneurs, doctors, siblings and honest citizens. Being in contact with an educated person and having an intelligent conversation with him expands knowledge and introduces a certain creativity and joy in the mind.

Education makes the national development process fast. Education develops good political ideology.  The standard of living of its citizens is largely dependent on the level of education the citizens are able to acquire.

The value of education and its significance can be understood from the fact that as soon as we are born, our parents start educating us about an essential thing in life. A toddler starts learning new words and develops a vocabulary based on what his parents teach him. They educate him who is his father, mother, brother, sister etc. and how to behave with each person giving them due respect. They also impart him priceless knowledge about ethics and morals right from the beginning when he has a tender mind so that these qualities stay with him for his entire life in the form of conditionings.

How we behave with our parents and how much regard we have for our elders is a direct result of our initial education in our childhood days. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a person’s initial education begins at his home. Parents guide their child not just into the first steps when he starts learning how to walk; they also guide him on the steps to be taken with behavior, morality, and respect.

They educate him about the rules of society and why they need to be followed to become a good human being. As the child grows older, his ambitions and desires grow bigger and parents try their best to provide him the best educational environment to make his dreams come true.

If you look at the existing educational system today, you will notice that education has been reduced to an exchange of instructions and information and nothing more. Whereas in earlier times the motive of education was to infuse good values and morals in an individual’s consciousness. Today we have drifted away from this ideology because of the rapid commercialisation in the education sector.

In today’s era, it is extremely important to know about the significance of a good education. A good education does not simply consist of going to school or college to get a degree. It goes beyond that. If someone is able to read or write, has gone to school and attained a degree, it does not mean he has a complete education. This is just a part of the knowledge that makes him aware of what is important in the world, and since most of the world wants a degree from him, he goes ahead and gets a degree. In this process, he gets the capability to know what is important for him, what is wrong and what is right.

According to my own consciousness and its expressions based on my experiences, I believe that an educated person is one who is able to adapt to his situations as per the necessity of the hour. He should be able to utilize his skills and his education to overcome difficult obstacles in any area of his life so that he can take the correct decision at that moment. That is what I believe make a person educated.

Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

So let’s discuss in detail in a listed way, why education is really important and its significance in our life. 

Let’s understand short 16 points:- Why is education so important in our life

  1. A good education makes an individual develop personally, socially as well as economically. Education helps us to do our daily life activities in best possible ways. Education makes us dutiful. Education helps us to acquire new skills and knowledge that will impact our development in life. 
  2. Education gives a person all the necessary tools and awareness about how he can earn his daily bread and butter. He also gets knowledge about how he can raise his standard of living while fulfilling his family’s daily requirements. 
  3. Having an education makes a person well informed about his rights and his responsibilities. He knows that it is his right as well as his responsibility to exercise his power to vote and elect a good representative during elections.
  4. A good education teaches a person the art of living life to the fullest. It teaches him how best to use the nation’s resources for progress.
  5. An education person is able to identify right from wrong and good from bad.
  6. During adverse times, an educated person is able to adapt to the difficult situation by tapping into his education to make things work in his favor.
  7. An education gives a person knowledge about good values, ethical and moral responsibilities in life
  8. After getting educated, a person is able to fight the various social evils and feels empowered to eradicate such problems.
  9. An educated person is environmentally conscious and knows how important it is to keep our surroundings clean and litter free. An educated parent instills into his children the importance of cleanliness and also spreads this message to other people in his circle.
  10. It is only an educated person who feels morally responsible for others who are traveling with him on public transport and would willingly give up his seat for the elderly and ladies.
  11. An educated politician knows how to behave in public and how to talk to the media properly. He also knows what are the needs and ambitions of the public and does everything in his power to satisfy them.
  12. An educated doctor not only treats his patient well using all available means, he also treats them with compassion and humility and genuinely cares for his patient’s welfare.
  13. An educated bus or truck driver knows how to talk to people politely and uses appropriate language with everyone, be it his passengers or fellow drivers on the road.
  14. A well-educated teacher is successful in teaching his students effectively and knows how to make use of his own knowledge and education for the overall development of the society.
  15. An educated society can help everyone to grow and develop as individuals in their respective fields.
  16. An educated person respects everyone who is older than him and reserves a special regard for the elderly and ladies.


So you can see how a good education can play a significant role in the life of a person.

Friends, I understand that education is a medium of attaining knowledge. It is the primary aim of getting an education; to expand our knowledge. When we make use of this knowledge we have got from education for practical purposes, only then we realize the real significance of getting an education in the first place.

Education is not just about an exchange of information and pre-set instructions, it is a gateway that opens up our creative and imaginative capabilities.

Education in this Modern Era

Let’s try and understand using the following points, in what way is the importance of an education perceived in the modern era:

 1. Today the primary reason why a child is pushed into a school at the tender age of 3 is not that the parents want him to attain knowledge; it is because they are afraid that their child will be “left-behind” other children who are actually going through the same mindless routine. It is a common sight to see small kids carrying really heavy bags to and fro from school, which actually stunts their physical development.

2. Similarly the most prevalent psychology among student today is to fight intense competition for a certain degree to get a certain job. In this way, education has become highly commercialised and almost like a business today, with institutes charging very high fees for their degrees which promise good placements because they have “tie-ups” with the companies. But still they are leaving their jobs after 3-4 months or most of them are not satisfied.

  3. Currently a majority of students are going into institutes which have good marketing and advertising strategy and make lofty promises to entice people during admission times. So people are not influenced by the teachers and the quality of teaching but by the advertisements and promotional campaigns being run by the institute.

  4. In recent times you will notice that every educated person knows how to chat nicely with people from all around the world, but they have forget how to talk respectfully to elders in their own homes such as parents and others.

Today the sole objective of getting an education has been reduced to earning money and nothing more.


In the above mentioned points I am trying to convey to you that the importance and role of education is not limited to getting bookish knowledge that we are forced to cram up before exams and then regurgitate onto the answer sheet so that we can get a degree in the end, which is done so that we can get a certain job we don’t really like. I cannot deny the fact that it’s important to get a job, but I believe it is more important to make use of our education in a way that unleashes our creativity and eventually brings behavioral changes in us for the greater good of mankind.

In my opinion, I don’t think there is a single person who can be called completely educated to perfection. Anyone who is imparting education or anyone who is attaining the education is not knowledgeable to the maximum. Education is an entity that is constantly being adopted and readopted from one person to the other. Sometimes a teacher can learn many things from a student too.

We were not born in this world to go through this rat race for getting degrees, but unfortunately, the people who made such decisions for us, or rather forced these decisions upon us, are the ones who had a different understanding of education and its importance in the real world. They did their fair share of behavioral research on different topics and issues and came up with the modern education policy and system that we see today. Now we are a part of this system and we need to follow this system for our progress. But the important question to ask ourselves is that if this system is really effective, why do we still have such an unusually high employment rate? So I believe that the current educational policies and systems have become outdated and it is essential to update them at the earliest.

If every one of us understands the real importance of education and its qualitative significance, and if everyone is educated then what changes can we expect to see in the world? I must re-emphasise that education isn’t just about schools, colleges, and degrees. Someone who has attained most of his knowledge through non-traditional means involving bookish knowledge is just as educated as the one who has a degree. Even today you will find that some of the toppers in the most competitive examinations are the ones who come from a poor background and whose parents never went to school. The children of these poor families are the ones who are excelling in business and running their own successful companies.

Let’s shed some light on the fact that there are innumerable methods of getting what we call education in the present times. There are thousands of colleges from which millions of students get their education each year. But they are still not knowledgeable enough to face the real challenges that life throws at them. Why is the modern educated society like that today? Can we actually call it an educated society? And are the people in it really educated?

Problems associated with the modern educated society today and its impact:

I hold the opinion that the following points are worth thinking about by not just me and you, but also by the government, educational organizations, scholars and teachers alike:

  1. The youth of today spends lakhs of rupees on his education today, but why is it that he is not able to get a decent job? Who is responsible for this?
  2. Society today is well educated and modernized to a great extent, but why are they still neck deep into superstitions and illogical belief systems?
  3. If we are educated and aware that cleanliness is essential to prevent diseases, why is it that we still see piles of garbage lying around everywhere?
  4. If we are educated and know very well that certain politicians are corrupt, why do we still elect them into powerful positions and then become subservient to them?
  5. If we are educated we should respect all living being, but why do people still kill cows and other animals on a regular basis?
  6. Why is it that we see so many cases of educated people committing suicide because they couldn’t crack a competitive exam or get a job?


So despite having so many sources of education, despite having so many learned people among us, why are we still categorized as a backward and undeveloped people? Until and unless people come out of bookish knowledge and apply real world intelligence and education to our lives, we will remain a developing country, developing at a very slow pace. After all, who exactly is responsible for understanding the actual importance of education and spreading it among others?

I think the following people can be pivotal in raising the standards of education, its quality and its relevance in the modern era:

If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Parents education is most important to live a life

They are the first influence when a child is born and they should inculcate or impart good values, morals, and ethics in their child from the very beginning. Parents should develop good habits in their children about respecting elders and supporting them in their old age. It is heart breaking to see some people sending their old and ailing parents to old age homes when they don’t want to take their responsibility anymore.

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Education by Teachers shows us the way to build a career and prosperous life. 

Teachers should not use all the resources available to them just so that a student can pass his exam. They should also take it as their own responsibility that their students learn more about what is right and wrong in the world today. They should explain to them while teaching how a particular topic can help them get a job and how a skill or knowledge will help them for their entire life. Teachers should also try to motivate their students and change their outlook and perception of life into one of positivism and hope for the future. They should also encourage their students to make use of their creativity and find innovative solutions to their problems so that their imagination can open doors to a bright future.

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Government play important role in providing infrastructure for better and effective education

It is not just about the Indian Government, every country’s politicians and decision makers should make an effort to find out how they can raise the standards of education in their country. Also, they should allocate more budget for education each year so that the quality of education is improved. The Government should provide more facilities and resources to teachers so that they can teach with an open mind and independence from age-old practices of teaching.

Educated societies create educational environment

A person’s development and the way education is spread among people are influenced by society’s contribution to a large extent. Our society should try to create an environment that is helpful for all section of society in getting a good education.

Friends, it is our education only that makes us human. It is our education that separates us from other living beings on the planet. It is our education that gives us the knowledge and skills to use our creative talents to their maximum potential. So you can see how important a good education is for us.

To lead a good life and to get the spiritual and material happiness that lasts for a long time, it is absolutely essential to get educated. Only education can help our society to progress further and education is the only element that is equally significant for all sects, ethnicity and social groups because it has the power to uplift everyone.

Education is a means of upgrading our skills and attaining more knowledge and it is one of the best means possible. Education starts at home so we should take steps to ensure that the environment in our homes is helpful for our children to learn as much as possible. Besides our homes, we should also try to contribute from our side as much as we can for the development of our society and our nation.

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So, friends, these are the reasons why I think education is of utmost importance in the modern era. These are the reasons why I think that raising the standards of education is pivotal to the welfare of our nation.

Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honor for me.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam



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Today it is very prestigious to get several higher educations, due to the fact that there is very tough competition on the labor market. That is why every person tries to show that he / she is educated and fully developed personality that can do any kind of work in any sphere.

It also should be mentioned that higher education gives not only good perspectives for job employment. You also become more intelligent and experienced person, who can keep a conversation on any topic regardless of what faculty you have finished. That is why we decided to write and present you this higher education essay, so that you have better idea of why we need education and whether we need it at all. There are so many essays about education, but I hope this one will be really useful to you. So read and enjoy.

Higher education – necessity or obligation?

Every person faces one of the most important questions in the life: what to do after finishing school? Where to go? It is quite difficult to understand what you really want. No one wants to waste the years of youth, parents’ money and lots of efforts for nothing. No one wants to realize in some time that the way we have chosen is not for us, that you want something absolutely different. At that point, parents try to help their children to make decision. Who else but them has big experience and knows where it is better for their child to study? Higher education today becomes more and more popular. Some people rely on their useful contacts that can help them to get good job. Others do not hurry and look for better job offers. Anyway you should remember things that easy come can easy go.

That is why employers, sometimes having taken uneducated specialist, realize their mistake and try to correct it. When it comes to money, there should be no indulgence and only those people who spend much time deciding what education establishment they will enter after school, sooner or later get the job of their dream. Employers prefer to hire a good specialist who, for example, has studied abroad and knows a couple of foreign languages.

Higher education establishment as a rule gives not only special knowledge, but also develops an ability to find way out of any situation. First of all students are given knowledge and skills they need to life adaptation. Education teaches young people how to be independent. In the education establishments students write their first research works, meet, communicate and make friends. It is quite easy to define whether a person is educated or not. For example, people who for some reasons have not got education are often not interesting interlocutors, illiterate and lazy comparing with the educated people. Educated man will never succumb to public opinion, he takes care of his health and his actions are always purposeful.

Students pass the hard way of self realization and maturing. At the very beginning they do not appreciate their boring teachers and “wooden” walls, but when they receive a diploma and get highly paid job they like, they start realizing how much important the way they have passed is.

The need for education

Now we are going to present you the most common stereotypes about the necessity of education and diploma receiving, about its influence on job employment and career success.

Stereotype 1. Higher education is the first step to career growth. If you do not take this step, further promotion is impossible.

Today it is very difficult to build a career without higher education. Potential employer looks at your diploma not only as at guarantees of knowledge and confirmation of proficiency in the specialty, but also as at the result of employee’s sense of purpose, measure of the ability to work and achieve the goals. These qualities are considered to be positive for any specialty and on any work place.

Result: the stereotype is true.

Stereotype 2. Some specialties are not available at the higher education establishment, for example, there are just no such education establishments in a country or they are still being developed. So it is better to get work right after school to gain necessary skills “in the process”.

There can not be definite answer: the statement is true for some specialties and wrong for others. For example, if you want to become a genius hairdresser, then sure practice and work with a good master is much more useful than college or university education with their “dull” classes. But if you want to become a beautician, it is better to have basic education, in this case you will need medical higher education.

If your dream is to be a successful sales manager, then congenital skills of observation, basic knowledge of human psychology and good communication skills will be enough. However to become a marketer you would better get special education.

Result: the stereotype can be proved or refuted depending on specialty.

Stereotype 3. Higher education establishments are evaluated more not by the diploma, but the ability to find and process information, and also communication skills gained during the education process.

On the one hand the statement is absolutely true. According to the most university professors’ opinion it is important not just study the subject, but know where and how get information if necessary. Some employers treat diploma as a proof of certain intelligence and erudition level. That is why the work you want to get and your specialty according to the diploma may not match.

On the other hand, whatever smart and erudite you are, with an engineering degree you will not be allowed to become surgeon.

Result: the stereotype is partially proved.

Stereotype 4. Work experience is appreciated more than owning diploma. Potential employer will always prefer employee with experience to graduate, who has never worked in that sphere.

Perfect option is when you have not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills. Besides, you can get job in the last years of your studying. It can be a good beginning of your future career: you can work part-time while you study, and when you get diploma and want to get full-time place, you will have an advantage over other candidates for the position.

Result: the stereotype is disproved.

Stereotype 5. People who do not have higher education have low culture level.

The general level of development is defined not only by the fact of owning diploma. Of course, in a perfect world, classic university education involves, in addition to the study of highly specialized disciplines, and the course of the humanities (to increase erudition and outlook extension). However not always students pay these disciplines enough attention.

Result: the stereotype is disproved.

Stereotype 6. If you do not enter higher education establishment right after finishing school, probably you will not get higher education at all.

Almost all parents tell their children that it is very important to enter university (or other education establishment) saying: “You should enter, you have to enter, or it will be late”.

On the one hand there is a piece of truth, because knowledge weakens in course of time. That is why while school curriculum is still fresh in your mind, the chance to pass entry exams is pretty high. On the other hand, many people guided by this stereotype make a hasty choice of the profession, education establishment and then are disappointed. So you should not be afraid that if you miss a year or two (or even more) after school you will never enter university. Vise versa, people who have learnt to orientate themselves in the life and tried their skills in different fields, usually are more purposeful. That is why they more easily enter university they want, and their studying efficiency is higher.

Result: the stereotype is disproved.

Stereotype 7. Diploma (degree) is something secondary. You should get a job first and then according to the circumstances you will decide whether you need diploma or not. The most important is to get a job and you can get or even buy diploma any time if needed.

If we talk about education after you have decided what exactly you want to study, in this case the stereotype is true. Also you should resist the temptation to buy diploma, because, trust me, it will be very easy to find out whether you really have knowledge or not.

Result: the stereotype is partially true.

Stereotype 8. The quality of education is pretty poor today. Diploma does not guarantee an adequate level of qualification. Education in private university does not meet the declared standards. The same can be said about public education establishments as well. And generally speaking, you can get any education if you have enough money.

Really private education establishments appear very often today. It is almost impossible to control the knowledge level they give to students. In this case you would better prefer university, college and so on that is pretty old (at least a couple of decades). Any way, a private university diploma is better than no diploma at all.

Result: the stereotype is partially true.

Stereotype 9. Higher education does not guarantee you will get a good job and good payment. You can study at 20 universities and have no work, no money.

The only guarantee of successful career can be you own sense of purpose, hard work and luck. Higher education is just an additional tool to help you build successful career.

Result: the stereotype is true.

Stereotype 10. Even if you manage to get job without higher education, sooner or later you will feel the need for advanced training or the need to study and get the desirable degree.

It is quite common the situation when specialists who do not have higher education or have quit university, achieve career heights and get administering posts. However, most of them at some point start feeling lack of knowledge. Even a specialist with degree has to work hard to maintain qualification at the appropriate level. Besides, absence of degree can be serious barrier in getting a job in most big companies (especially in foreign companies).

Result: the stereotype is true.

It can take many hours discussing whether you really need higher education in this very specialty right now and taking into consideration modern education system. Remember that in most cases diploma of higher education is a serious “plus” that can help you beat the competition, get the job you want and have a life of your dream.

So in this argumentative essay about education we have collected and tried to explain the most common facts and stereotypes about higher education, diploma receiving and so on. Maybe this essay will help you or someone you know to make important steps in your life, to realize what you really want and what you really need. Anyway, it is always up to you. Right now you have an opportunity to take the first step to success and order an essay (on any topic) on our website. It is the best essay writing service you can find. Do not hesitate and start acting now!

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